The food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (hereinafter referred to as ‘’FAO’’) and Resource Management support centre (hereinafter referred to as the  ‘’service provider’’) (together hereinafter referred to as the ‘’parties’’) have agreed that the service provider will provide certain services defined in detailed in the attached Annex (the services’’) which forms an integral part of this Letter of Agreement (hereafter the ‘’Agreement’’) in support of the project entitled ‘’improving social Responsibility Agreements in support of a functional VPA’’. To enable the service provider to provide the services, FAO will pay the Service provider a total amount not exceeding USD 65 000(sixty-five thousand US dollar.


The main objective of this agreement is to improve the capacity of Forest Fringe Communities and Timber Firms towards effective negotiations and implementation of SRAs to enhance forest government in line with VPA FLEGT processes.

Service provider 

The Resource Management Support Centre (RMSC) is the research/technical wing of the Forest Commission (FC).It is responsible for the exploration, development, facilitation, institutionalization, and implementation and monitoring of effective and affordable forest and wildlife management systems in Ghana, in accordance With the national forest and wildlife policy. The RMSC employs over 40 experts with Bachelors and post-Graduate Degrees in Natural Resource, Social Forestry and renowned international professionals. RMSC collaborate with the Various FC offices spread across the ten regions of the country to execute consultancy assignments. This makes their Service delivery efficient and cost effective.

Purpose of the Project


The purpose for which the funds provided by FAO under this Agreement shall be used are the following:

(i)                 Objective. The services will contribute to the following organizational objective: improve the capacity of FFCs and TFs towards the effective negotiations and implementation of SRAs to enhance forest governance in live with VPA FLEGT processes.

(ii)               Outputs/outcomes. The service provider will produce, achieve or deliver the following


a)      Experiences with SRA negotiations, signing and implementation inventoried, analysed and documented.

b)      Necessary institutional arrangements made for effective SRA facilitation and control established and tested.

c)      Main stakeholders informed, trained and prepared for SRA negotiations.

d)     Fifty (50) SRA negotiations processes effectively and successfully facilitated

e)      New SRA procedures evaluated and lessons learnt rolled out

(iii)        Activities. The service provider will undertake the following activities:

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