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CRM Policy

Forest & Plantation Development Act, 2000. Act 583

The need for specific government guidance and control of forestry activities in Ghana has become necessary due to changes that have occurred in the nature of Ghana's forests since the adoption of the 1948 Forest Policy.

An Act to re-establish the Forestry Commission in order to bring under the Commission the main public bodies and agencies implementing the functions of protection, development, management and regulation of forests and wildlife resources and to provide for related matters.

L.I. 1649 - Timber Resources Management Regulations, 1998.

L.I. 1721 Timber Resources Management (Amendment)

The Forest Protection (Amendment ) Act, 2002. Act 624

The Trees & Timber (Amendment) Act, 1994

An ACT to provide for the grant of timber rights in a manner that secures the sustainable management and utilization of the timber resources of Ghana and to provide for related purposes.

Timber Resources Management Act 617 (Amendment) Act, 2002

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